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Lesson 1 – Motor Learning + Better Practice

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Lesson 2 – Mindset + Achievement

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Lesson 3 – Increase Power and Confidence

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Lesson 4 – Learning + Performance

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Lesson 5 – Competitive Fire

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Lesson 6 – Science of Competition

Engagement Preview

Lesson 7 – Engagement in Practice

Why Preview

Lesson 8 – Leadership: Inspire Action

Not Gifts Preview

Lesson 9 – There are No Gifts

The rule of 80-20

Lesson 10 – The Rule of 80/20

Feedback in Disguise

Lesson 11 – Recognizing Feedback in Disguise

Regression to the mean

Lesson 12 – Don’t Get Fooled by Randomness


Lesson 13 – A Study on Praise

iceberg syndrome

Lesson 14 – Looking Under the Surface

yes and

Lesson 15 – The Power of “Yes And”

feedback the power of questions

Lesson 16 – Feedback with Questions

training ugly

Lesson 17 – Training Ugly

Deconstructing Mistakes

Lesson 18 – Deconstructing Mistakes

Circle of Safety

Lesson 19 – The Circle of Safety

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better athlete

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Championship Newsletter

I’ve challenged myself to learn something incredible every week. I pick a topic, research like crazy, try and speak with an expert, put it all together and share it with you guys.

Most of the lessons can be applied to any sport or teaching situation. Some go pretty in depth and some are short and sweet.

I hope you enjoy

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